Service offerings

Smart Technologies is committed to provide intranet and extranet solutions to business and individuals through each stage of IT developments. Smart Technologies also offers total system support, with extensive experience and expertise in the below specified areas:

Computer Installation

Corporate enterprises are confronted with many challenges in today’s competitive environment. Our constant endeavour is to effectively deploy our service excellence to unleash the optimum benefits to all our customers’ IT implementation projects. Our sole aim is to provide reliable, guaranteed professionally assembled and tested Smartec computer systems specifically designed to the needs of the corporate environment.

  • Assembling of computer systems.
  • Sale of computers and peripherals.
  • Repairing of computers and peripherals.
  • Installation of computers and Peripherals.
  • Installation of operating systems and software’s.
Computer Maintenance

Regular maintenance will keep your computer free from trouble, and keep it running smoothly so that the computer can do your work instead of you having to do the computer’s work. All what you need is regular maintenance of the system. This way you can increase the life span of your computer and enhance net value of your investment. Smartec is committed to provide the best of unparallel service and support to all its customers at large.

  • Three times of annual service free of charge.
  • Free labour and transportation for a complete whole year.
  • Response time within 1-3 working hours upon notification of a breakdown.
  • Technical assessment and estimation free of charge.
  • On call services & assuring support for networks 24 hours.
Data Communication and Networking

The data communication engineering group of Smartec is thoroughly proficient in requisite the standards and applications. Hence we are very well equipped to handle any sophisticated data communication and cabling projects. We could re-engineer the appropriate wide area network connectivity in liaison with common carriers and licensed operators where wired, microwave or satellite leased circuit is necessary.

  • Land Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) Designing and Installation.
  • Structured Cabling.
  • Maintenance of Networks.
  • Internet, E-mail connections (Dial-up, Dedicated access).
  • Setting up of E-mail servers and Proxy servers.
  • Cyber security and Internet access controls.
  • Intranet and Extranet solutions.
  • IT Consultancy and Allied services.