Security solutions

Security is an investment that repays you with peace of mind by safeguarding the family interests and business concerns. We offer security solutions for Managing Access Control, Recording Time Attendance, Observation via Close Circuit Television, Alarming Intruder Entry and Inquiry via Video Door Phone Call system as detaild below.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) :

The advantages of using the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) are multiple. Apart from being visible and visual deterrent, it can stay on all the time. It never blinks and be on alert. Continuous monitoring of premises and people can be achieved over a wide area with the extremely superb picture quality.

With the facility of online monitoring system using Broadband Connection, the security of the premises can instantly be checked through a laptop or desktop computer from where ever in the world. Think of CCTV's can also be used to monitor production and the process control negating the cumbersome supervision process by additionally employing the man power and even the vulnerable area too can widely be covered with its minute observation.

In the wide range of surveillance technology available nowadays from a single camera observation system to a fully automated system linked to intruder alarm, Motion detection and access control system, nothing has been spared in producing the highest quality of reliability and performance.

Intruder Alarm & Video Door Phones :

So advanced in design is intruder-alarm systems that ensure safety anywhere in and around the premises now enabled with closer contact with intruder alarm systems - thus making them altogether much more efficient and user friendly.

The highly sophisticated intruder alarm system with auto dialing facility call alerts for potential security breach. Moreover any system that was chosen can fully be integrated into other complementary systems such as CCTV, smoke, gas alarms, and access controls. The intruder alarm might be regarded as a first step of the security and would be the last step for an intruder.

Access Control & Time Attendance :

Not only the entrances and exits, but within the building itself can be vulnerable to security threats. The ultimate and ever durable solution is the installation of an effective, and user friendly wide array of control systems.

The access control systems are in forms of Proximity Cards, Bio-Metric Recognition (finger-printing) or simple Digital Keypad. The wide range of integrated system solution can also be customized to suit specific access requirements with enhanced features such as Photo ID Card Printing, Site Alarm Monitoring, Visitor Administration and Call/Time and Attendance.