Corporate brief

Smart Technologies (Pvt) Limited was incorporated in June 2002 as a limited liability company under the companies act of 1982 in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka comprising professionally qualified IT professionals with the initial objective of providing IT system solutions to customers ranging from SOHO to SMI and now has spread its span of wings to cater any type of industry at large.

Since all infrastructure developments beg the latest cutting edge technology at the verge of every project initiatives, the requirement for system solutions with the proven methodology for cost effectiveness and enhanced productivity is immeasurable and high in demand.

Smart Technology is professionally focused onto installation, maintenance of computer systems, data communication, network engineering and providing other allied computer related services.

Since information technology has veered a new era for today’s every single organization to gather and communicate information through computers, it has changed the pattern of authority and responsibility with the wide array of decision making options enabled through intranet and internet.

Smart Technologies is well equipped to provide IT expertise at every facets of system requirement within a shortest possible responsive time and its maintenance personnel are well versatile to assemble, install & maintain the computer system 24/7 with precautionary measures for potential faults, disasters and threats.

Smart Technologies has also the prestige to have been associated with world renowned technological brands as its business partners and enthusiastically promote and integrate their highly sophisticated and ever compatible products and services to its IT savvy customers as a part of its re-engineered process through continuous improvements.

Strategic Priorities

Smartec has clearly defined its strategic commitments over allegiance to business ethics, the environment, external stakeholder welfare, internal employees welfare and community socio-economic infrastructure developments. Its strategic priorities are ranked by their importance in achieving its strategic goals by facilitating a learnng culture for continuous improvements and service quality.

Core competencies

The core competencies as unique abilities possessed by Smart Technologies provide competitive advantage to edge out the competitors as these specific set of skills and production techniques to deliver additional value to its customers could hardly be imitated by any other competitive info-techno markets.

The value based core competencies and unique competitive advantageous that greatly influence the consulting firms to resort our services are:

  • Extreme empathy and quick responsiveness to calls
  • Operational excellence and exceptional competency
  • Higher security and protection of confidentiality
  • Process re-engineering and applications of latest know-how
  • Knowledge sharing and proactive learning culture
  • Accuracy and time bound deliverables
  • Service efficiency and being a cost effective alternative
  • Respect and recognition to professional etiquettes
  • Customer oriented supportive and friendly staff like no others